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Sunday Brunch

Surprise Sunday Brunch!
May 22, 2011

Hello, Sunday Brunch readers!  I am writing to you on the mists of cloud (Mary Poppins on the next cloud over says 'hello!') as I have been blessed with truly loving and caring friends and family.  They surprised me yesterday (Saturday, May 21, 2011) with a surprise Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dahwesome graduation/going away party and I still can't believe it happened.  I guess now is as good a time as any to announce to the Sunday Brunch readers of the two amazing things that have happened in my life these past few months (in addition to a surprise party!)

Firstly, your Sunday Brunch chef-in-training has completed phase one of his training: I graduated from culinary school this past week!  It's been an amazing, inspiring journey down the road of culinary school and now I'm ready to show the world what I can do and absorb everything it can teach me. 

Graduation Reception at the Academy of Culinary Arts in Mays Landing, NJ.

But first, there's that classic promotional question' 'Reuben, you just graduated culinary school, what are you going to do next?' 'I'm going to Disney World!'  No really, I'm not just going, I'm GOING!  I have had the great fortune to have the opportunity to every day do what this blog is all about: working with food AND Disney!  I will soon be heading to Walt Disney World for the Disney College Program 7 month internship for Food and Beverage.  But that's another article for another time, since I'm not exactly sure yet what I will be doing at Disney until I get there.

Until then, today's Surprise Sunday Brunch is all about the Surprise Disney food at the party!  My brother and friends must've been plotting this surprise party for weeks because a few of them pitched in for an Edible Arrangement-and not just the generic (but incredible) floral shaped fruit basket, but a DISNEY Edible Arrangement!  I had no idea they even made Disney ones, though I guess with the marketing habits of Disney, it should be no surprise that they teamed up with Edible Arrangements for some Disney themed fruit bouquets.  The company started in 1999 by brothers Tariq and Kamran Farid of Connecticut.  They started franchising stores soon after the first with the first franchise location opening in Walthram, Massachusetts in 2001.  10 years later, the company has 1036 stores worldwide, with the majority in the United States and locations in such exotic locations as Hong Kong, Italy, and a number of Middle Eastern nations.

The Disney Edible Arrangements include a Disney Princess fruit bouquet and a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed bouquet.  I enjoyed the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse party bouquet with delicious, juicy, fresh arrangement of grapes, strawberries, cantaloupe, honeydew, and pineapple.  The bouquet was nestled in a container recreating the zany Mickey Mouse clubhouse, which will most likely double as a cereal bowl, pencil holder, or whatever when it comes with me to Disney.  My favorite part of the bouquet was the eerie coincidence that the pineapple, my most favorite fruit in the world was in the shape of Mickey Mouse! 

It's like the healthy version of a Mickey Mouse Premium bar!  You can actually order your Edible Arrangement's fruit to be chocolate dipped.

The Disney food doesn't end there!  My one friend Robin works on a farm and she remembered how much I enjoyed the eggs and dried apple chips the last time I visited her at the farm, so she brought me a quart of those famous apple chips and a dozen of her chicken's eggs, Disneyfied!

Chickens + feed + time + sharpie = 1 dozen Mickey eggs

Though I always insist to friends and family that their presence is presents enough, I didn't get the chance to give that rule this time around.  Some other fun Disney presents included some awesome Disney themed cards, a fleet of lovable, huggable Mickey Mouse plushies, a whimsical Disney water bottle and insulated holder, and my third copy of Cooking with Mickey and the Disney Chefs!  It's the gift that keeps on giving and the gift that keeps on coming, haha.  My good friend Melissa from culinary school got it for me and I give her mad props for getting such a fitting gift for a Disney loving chef soon to be in working at Disney.  I know it is a Disney parks exclusive publication, so I am truly touched and thankful at the lengths my friends (and sister) had to go to getting this book (especially our very own guest author Kelvin who exhibited great patience while getting a hold of this book for me last Christmas).

Yesterday's party was such an amazing gesture of friendship and kindness, I still cannot get over how amazing it was.  The people there and those who made it all happen really made the day truly special and the fact that they managed to incorporate Disney food into the day was the icing on the cake.  I just hope I'll be able to deliver the same Disney magic I got yesterday to the guests of Walt Disney World every day.

For a better picture of the Edible arrangement and to order your own Mickey Mouse Clubhouse party bouquet, visit:


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