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Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunch: A Taste of Italy

August 5, 2012

One bella notte early this summer, we, the local From Screen to Theme Days of the Week staff, decided to treat ourselves to an Italian dinner at the newly re-opened restaurant Tutto Italia. Unfortunately rainstorms prevented us from a bella notte and other guest reservations kept us out of Tutto Italia. So instead we found solace and comfort in the intimate little wine cellar next door, Tutto Gusto.

Part of the renovation of the Italy Pavilion's original table service restaurant Tutto Italia, Tutto Gusto is a more casual, intimate dining experience set in a cave-like wine cellar.

Entrance from the lobby of Tutto Italia

Outdoor Entrance from the main Pavilion

We were seated by the fireplace where comfy couches and coffee tables offer an interesting alternative to the traditional tables and chairs. While looking extremely comfortable and casual, I found the seating arrangement uncomfortable for eating; I was stuck on a stool, which was essentially at the same level of the table. While I could've held up my plate, I'm used to eating off of a table. I ended up hunching over to eat, an aching experience that reached the point of resorting to sitting on the floor rather than on the stool. Though the casual fireplace seating looks like a comforting idea, I found it uncomfortable for eating.

Table seating and comfy couches are the seating options at the Wine Cellar


Still, the elegant atmosphere and low lighting of the restaurant helped distract from the back aching seating arrangements. The Disney parks are quite busy and bustling, so it is always a treasure to find a quiet corner of relaxation, mostly missed by the majority of park guests.

The menu at Tutto Gusto is made up of different categories of portions of Italian cuisine. The name of the wine cellar actually translates to 'taste everything' so the menu is conveniently categorized as so: Affetati (cured, sliced meats), Formaggi (selection of Italian cheese), Panini (pressed sandwiches on a ciabatta baguette), Piccoli Piatti (small plates), Cavatappi (corkscrew shaped pasta), and Dolci (sweets or desserts). Most selections are also paired with one of the 200 Italian wines available in the cellar. The secret bonus to dining at Tutto Gusto is that since it is an extension of Tutto Italia, guests can order from their menu as well.

Most items, such as the cheese, meats, and desserts, are on display by the bar area

To start, our Hidden Mickey expert Alex ordered a cheese plate of Parmigiano Reggiano. Described as a fragrant, salty sweet, aged cow's milk cheese, we found it to be very sharp, dry, crumbly, but mostly delicious. The cheese plate came with Focaccia Rustica bread.

For our entrees, our Fun Find Friday finder Brent ordered the Pomodoro pasta dish, a small plate of corkscrew shaped pasta with tomato sauce and bufala mozzarella. Alex ordered from Tutto Italia's menu, choosing the Gnocchetti, a plate of cavatilli pasta with a sweet sausage ragu and topped with tomato pecorino.



I also ordered from the Tutto Italia menu and the Tonnarelli caught my eye. The Tonnarelli is a handmade egg pasta with zucchini, mint, and Burrata cheese, a very green dish indeed. The dish actually tasted like green due to the strong mint flavors, visible and sweetly smelling before even taking a bite. The handmade egg noodles were very good and the Burrata cheese was soft and creamy. I would've liked more cheese though and probably less of a minty flavor, as the zucchini was lost among the other green.


Tutto Gusto is one of the many hidden gems of the crown of World Showcase. We had a fantastic time and were fortunate enough to have a taste of the warm and welcoming Italian hospitality straight from the country itself. The Italian seaters and servers taught us how to high five ('batti cinque') and provided the most welcoming and friendly service I've ever experienced in the park. In addition to the simple, yet diverse menu, the other great bonus to dining here was access to Tutto Italia's menu, the restaurant we were planning to eat at to begin with. Despite the misleading comfortable seating, the little wine cellar is a great place to get away from the Epcot crowds and enjoy the flavors of Italy. At Tutto Gusto you can truly taste everything.


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