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Thursday Treasures

November 29, 2012

100 weeks of Days of the Week by YOU!

This week is the Days of the Week's 100th week of bringing Disney themed articles to your computer. What started off as a small little project has become part of my every day life. For that I thank each and every one of you for reading our articles for the past 100 weeks. Every now and then I receive emails from different readers that share their thoughts on the site and a lot of time there is focus around the Days of the Week articles.

For the past few months I have been collecting one liners from some of these emails with the idea of sharing them with all of you (and our Days of the Week writers for the first time) during our 100th week! So sit back and enjoy! Here's hoping your email made it into our list!

'I often find myself going to the site while in the parks just to figure out where to eat by looking at Sunday Brunch.'

'I love Who's Who Wednesday! It's my favorite article telling me where some of my favorite characters are!'

'I never miss a Saturday Matinee.'

'I've always wanted to write a Thursday Treasures, but never knew what to write about' (Editor's note: you made it in now!)

'Brent you are totally right! Alex is the queen of hidden Mickeys'

'This weeks Gamer Tuesday totally gave me a flashback to grade school. Actually, most of them do.'

'You need to do a book featuring all the Fun Find Fridays. I would buy it in a second.'

'HUMPHREY!!! I totally forgot he existed!'

'Statler and Waldorf really do need to heckle people at the studios! Great idea Erik!'

'I never knew the Cirque Du Soleil Hidden Mickey existed, but now I make sure to use that bathroom every time I'm in Downtown Disney just to see it. Is that too much information?'

'I love cupcakes! I love Disney! I love Sunday Brunch! I especially love Sunday Brunches about Disney cupcakes!'

'How did Alex find all these Hidden Mickeys?'

'I LOVE the fact that you guys are doing a whole year of looking at Kingdom Hearts! Those are some of the best games ever, IMO'

'Dear FSTT Days of the Week Writers, you are ultimately honorable because of your diligence and excellent writing abilities. Here's to 100 MORE!!'

My personal favorite email is the following.

'Hello Brent. I visit your site From Screen to Theme a lot. Actually every day. I hope you and the Days of the Week people know how much the site means to people like me. Every day I wake up and I'm not joking, I go to Days of the Week and read the article and then read the Trivia of the Day and do the Where in the World. I've never been to Disneyland, but I like looking at the Where in the Land pictures too. Your site is part of my every day life and I know that other people like me that don't know you guys feel the same way. Thank you for bringing Disney magic to me everyday and please let the Days of the Weeks guys know too. From Screen to Theme has made me a happier person so thank you!'

I would like to thank all of you, the readers, for joining us the past 100 weeks and for all the amazing things you've had to say about our articles. If it weren't for your dedication to the site we would have no one to write for. I would like to give an even bigger thanks to the other writers on the site (including all of our Thursday Treasures contributors) for their time and effort over the past 100 weeks. I know we all love sharing our Disney knowledge with you, and I hope we have many more weeks of sharing ahead of us!

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