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Thursday Treasures

June 20, 2013

Looking good for 200 by Brent Dodge

200 weeks ago the W.E.D.nesday Show! started in an unplanned way. Over the past 200 weeks I've experienced some amazing moments in my life and I have everyone reading this to thank for it! I've had the opportunity to talk with people like Bob Gurr, Stacey from Must Do Disney, Ridley Pearson, Dave Smith, Don Hahn, and so many others!

Along the way I've moved, published a book, set a record for most consecutive days in the park, made this website, and most importantly made some incredible friends and memories along the way. Thank you to everyone from my family who has supported me and my crazy antics every step of the way to my friends that have come from all around the world to random strangers who have opted to join me for this crazy ride.

The late night trips to the park, the crazy challenges, the Days of the Week, the incredible guests, and awful singing have become some of my favorite moments. In fact, the past 200 weeks have easily been the best 200 weeks of my life and just like I promised 100 weeks ago, I promise that I will keep working hard to bring you the most up to date Disney information, and the most interesting Disney history, and inspiring interviews in the most entertaining way I can. We've hit 200! A new journey starts now as we set forth on our path to our second set of 200 weeks of magic, mayhem, and more!

Thank you for joining me this far!


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