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Thursday Treasures

January 3, 2013

My Disney Year by Matt Myers

That you everyone who has read all the days of the week articles over the past 2 years. I'd like to thank Pap, Reuben, Brent, Alex, Albert, and Erik for doing these weeks and giving everyone something to read every day. I can't believe it's been over 100 weeks!

2012 we a great year. My friend Joey Bean became a Cast Member and a lot more happened! Here's 10 great things with Disney that happened this year to me!

1) First thing, I had a blast staying in Disneyland for 24 hours on Leap Day. That was so much fun! Plus, hanging out with Frank and Dave, the Jonas Brothers, was great and Brent was even broadcasting in Walt Disney World while we broadcast in California!

2) I loved the D23 Anniversary Mixer where I met Becky Kline who is Dave Smith's successor! It was great to meet her!

3) The D23 Fannivesary at the Walt Disney Studios was another highlight! Great to celebrate with so many great people!

4) One of my favorite dinner meals this year was actually over at Paradise Pier Hotel!

5) I had the great opportunity to go to Carsland a week before it opened. That was a lot of fun and I got to see Mickey from the 1920s as well!

Carsland  Mickey

6) I loved going to the Walt Disney Family Museum.

7) And going to Disneyland's 57th birthday


8) I went to Destination D with Brent Dodge and his family which was a lot of fun! Got to learn a lot about Disney animation!

Destination D

9) Running into my friends Kayla and Shawn at Disneyland was great! Always great hanging out with friends in the park!

Disneyland Hub

10) I also had the chance to go to the cast exclusive store Company D thanks to my buddy Joey Bean getting me a ticket for it!

I feel like a lot of people reading this helped make a lot of this happen, so thank you everyone for making my Disney dreams come true in 2012!

- Matt


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