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Thursday Treasures

January 2, 2014

It's that time of year again where I sit on here and ramble endlessly about the past year and the approaching one as well. As usual, the year had a Disney driven force behind it.

The year began just like all recent years for me. I was in Epcot with a friend as we watched the most amazing fireworks show ever (seriously, I dream about the New Year's Even Fireworks display all year long). Instead of sitting and doing a long run on story about the past year I'm going to make this easy. Here are my top five highlights in no particular order (mainly Disney) from 2013.

- I got a sister! In January my brother got engaged and in August he married a girl way out of his league. While she has always seemed part of the family (it took him a while to realize he liked it so he put a ring on it), it's amazing to finally have her be an official part of the family.

- The Disney Dream! I went on my second Disney cruise with the six members of my family, my brother's fiance (at the time), my grandpa, and my cousin and her incredible family. Throughout the entire trip we had so many amazing moments occur whether it was building fruit cars, snorkeling on Castaway Cay, or simply racing around the ship trying to solve crimes. One of the best trips ever!

- Adventures by Disney trip! I've always wanted to do an Adventures by Disney trip and thanks to the help of my sponsor, It's All About the Mouse Travel, we put together a group that attended the Southern California/Disneyland trip in August. While everything we did was amazing, the family and friends (both old and new) that were in our group made the trip extraordinary!

- The release of my second book! Ever since my first book was released in 2010 I've been working on several different projects and one of them finally became a reality this year! Two books under my belt and a ton to go!

- Frozen! It's kind of crazy, but I absolutely love this movie! I'm actually listening to the soundtrack while I type this entry. It's the first time Disney breaks away from the love between a boy and girl and focuses on the love between siblings which naturally makes for a great story. Plus I now have my sight set on a new Disney princess: the awkward, yet lovable Anna.

So there is 2013 in a nutshell. This just barely scratches the service of what occurred throughout the year. I ended the year the same way I started it. In Epcot watching the fireworks. While the year has come full circle I am very excited to see what 2014 has in store! So here's to a very Happy New Year to everyone out there! May all your dreams come true!


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