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Thursday Treasures

April 5, 2012

How Becoming a Disney Annual Passholder Changed my Disney Experience

By Catherine Jones

I've been going to Disney World since I was 18 months old. Let's juts say I'm a Disney fanatic 'bred and buttered.' My mom has been going since 1972 and my dad since 1975. We LOVE Disney World and everything about it. It's the one place where we all can relax and enjoy being together. I have many fond memories of going as a child, but the one thing I remember is that we never had enough time to do everything. That has always been the downside of living four hours away and having to plan when we can go and having only a day or two to visit all four parks. We always had to cut something out that we really wanted to do and had to make promises that we would catch it next time we come back.

One of my first times meeting Minnie Mouse with my dad

Over the last few years we have tossed around the idea of becoming Annual Passholders and this past March that idea became a reality! We arrived at Pop Century (our favorite resort) and hopped on the bus over to the Magic Kingdom. When we arrived, we ran (literarlly) over to the ticket counter and purchased our annual passes! The first time I held my pass something changed in me. I realized that I no longer have to rush to fit everything I want to do into one trip. I can come back whenever I want! At that moment my Disney experience changed forever. Over the next few days I started to notice things I had never seen before. I've been to Disney upwards of 20 times and I was seeing new things! I was in shock. All the little details I had and have been missing because I want to fit everything into one trip! Needless to say, we are planning to get full use of our annual passes this year and we will continue to be Passholders for years to come!

My mom and I eating lunch in Mexico: October 2010


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