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Thursday Treasures

March 24, 2011 by Matt Myers

I'm a member of D23 and one of my favorite things to read is the D23 magazine, Disney Twenty-Three! You can find a lot of cool stuff in it, such as interviews with the actor and actress that do the voices for Mickey and Minnie Mouse!

The cover of the Winter issue features Tron: Legacy and since I'm a member I got a free mousepad too!

Every issue has a letter from the editor on the first page letting you know what's inside. Some of the cool things in the D23 magazine around the archived pictures of Disneyland. You can also find pictures of all things Disney and collections that fans have from all around the world!

One of my favorite articles is in the December issue. It tells the story of a Walt Disney Christmas. I really enjoyed reading this! In addition to that, there was an interview with a chef that shared one of his recipes that sounded very good!

The story also talks about Walt Disney's adventures during his lifetime including moments when he met other celebrities and when he traveled around the world! We even get a chance to honor Disney Legend Bob Gurr (who Matt met!) who brought so many great vehicles to Disney like the Monorail, trains, and Autopia cars.

There is also some great articles by Disney Legend Dave Smith who worked with the Walt Disney Archives.


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