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Thursday Treasures

April 12, 2012

The Start of the Rest of Your Life

by Brent Dodge

Not that long ago on Facebook our very own Saturday Matinee writer, Albert, shared a YouTube clip that gave me a took me ten years back in time. Everyone has a passion whether its the beach, literature, sports, Scrabble, or in all of our case, Disney. The question is, when does the likeness for our passion turn into love?

Mine came in several steps, but the step I'm sharing today wasn't any huge momentous occasion. It didn't involve going to a Disney theme park or even watching a new Disney movie. In fact, it happened while watching the previews of a Disney VHS. Our family always bought the newest Disney films and before one of them was the following commercial:


While not exactly historically accurate of Walt's beginnings, it peaked my interest on who Walt actually was, but what made me smile inside more than anything else were two little words: magic happens.

Over ten years have passed and those two words seem to ring true more than ever. Disney actually launched a whole campaign dealing with Magic Happens and here are just a few of my favorites:


Magic Happens. Don't forget that...


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