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Thursday Treasures

October 27, 2011

By Donna and Melissa

"This is Halloween! This is Halloween!" Yes, we are all well aware of the lyrics" origins" and the fact that this holiday is once again upon us. While most adults are worrying about what their kid is going to wear, there are quite a few of us "grown ups" (and I use the term loosely) who are concerned with what we will wear! I have never been so consumed with this issue, as I was this year. It would be my very first time attending "Mickey"s Not So Scary Halloween Party" " MNSSHP to us hip kids. My sister Donna and I attended this candy-filled event on September 30th.

For those of you that have never been to MNSSHP, well, I"d say words fail to describe it, but that would make for an awfully short article. So here"s my attempt to paint a picture for you: There"s candy, costumes, characters, candy, chaos, parades, fireworks and oh " did I mention? Candy.

As you enter the Magic Kingdom, cast members are there to greet you with a trick or treat bag and a park map with candy locations. Walk down Main Street and take in the d"cor. To say that it"s festive would be an understatement! I"ve never been in more Halloween-y surroundings! One thing that really impressed me was the lighting around the park. Imagineers use special effects such as spider webs on Space Mountain and funky colors to accentuate the different lands.

BTW, entertainment abounds during MNSSHP. The "Boo to You" parade is not to be missed. Make sure you get a good spot to watch as the Headless Horseman makes his way through streets. One of the coolest beginnings of a parade ever! You"ll also see tons of spooky floats and characters that you don"t typically see during a regular day in the parks. Clara Cluck, the whole gang from the Country Bear Jamboree and the Hitch hiking ghosts from the Haunted Mansion were the characters that really stood out for me. I think my favorite part included those shovel-wielding gravediggers! Their choreographed routine included gruesome stares towards the crowds and precision shovel maneuvers complete with sparks flying. Do a quick search on YouTube to see what I mean! The parade happens twice a night " 8:15 and 10:30.

Everyone loves "Wishes," the Magic Kingdom"s nighttime fireworks spectacular. Well, "HalloWishes" is sure not to disappoint! It"s the Villains" turn to steal the spotlight during this special edition of the sentimental favorite. We hear from all of those "no-good-niks" from Maleficent to Oogie Boogie. As always, the fireworks are jaw-droppingly stunning, but what makes crowd go crazy, is the finale, which completely surrounds the park " you simply don"t know where to look!

If you"ve never been to MNSSHP, what are you waiting for? It"s an experience you will not soon forget. It runs until November 1st, so you still have a chance to partake! Oh, in case you were wondering: Donna and I were Nerds


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