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Thursday Treasures

January 10, 2013

Two Years by Brent Dodge

Some times we get the most simple idea while doing the most simple things. A little over two years ago I was riding "it's a small world" and was fixated on the Hidden Mary Blair (which I usually make sure I look at each time I go on). While trying for the millionth time to get a decent picture (and failing) I realized that most people have no idea that this famous Imagineer is sitting here in the ride waiting to be discovered.

After getting off the attraction and walking past The Haunted Mansion the idea kept coming back into my head about sharing this very cool reference with people on my site (which was still in its first year at that point). I then looked across the Rivers of America at Tom Sawyer's Island and began to think about the hidden paintbrushes over there. Again, something that not everyone knows about. I then decided I could do one of two things. Write about these random finds every now and then on the site, or have a more structured Fun Find Friday (the name was around from that moment).

I decided Fun Find Friday was the way to go and it'd give people something to look forward to each week on the site. At the same time I began to consider something I had never thought about doing before. Allowing others to write on the site (I was a very over protective parent to that first year and didn't want anyone else to hurt my baby).

I contacted my good friend Alex and pitched her the idea of Hidden Mickey Monday and within a few weeks I obtained four other writers who all came with ideas for Sunday Brunch, Gamer Tuesday, Who's Who Wednesday, and Saturday Matinee. Our team was assembled and the excitement began to take off. It was decided to start off with Hidden Mickey Monday for our first article on January 10, 2011 and from that history was made and Days of the Week has been constantly present in our lives ever since.

The past two years has seen well over 700 articles about a variety of topics and it never would have been possible without five people who have stuck by my side while producing amazing articles week after week after week. So if you get a chance, make sure to thank these treasures of if you can. Alex, Pap, Erik, Albert, and Reuben, thank you so much for everything you've done! Happy two year anniversary!


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