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Thursday Treasures

December 15, 2011

By Brent Dodge

My Disney Bucket List:
Swim in Stormalong Bay: Check
Say "All Aboard" on the Walt Disney World Railroad microphone: Check
Do the College Program: Check
Go into a VIP Lounge: Check!

These are just a few things that were on my must do Disney list for life, but the fourth one, Go into a VIP Lounge didn't occur until a few weeks ago.

One of my former coworkers from Wisconsin was visiting Walt Disney World with her daughter Jessica and grandson Nick! During the trip Jessica, who works for GM, invited me to join them in the VIP Lounge located in Test Track! I of course jumped at the opportunity.

A few different attractions throughout Walt Disney World have lounges for the employees of the company that sponsors the attraction. I haven't been in any others, but I am not sure how they could top this lounge. After arriving upstairs there is a room with FREE sodas and one of the most unique views in all of Walt Disney World:

Being able to see Test Track from this angle was extremely cool! On the left hand side you can see the Hill Test, while on the right is the end of the ABS test, as the car in the middle is about to enter the Heat Room!  I have seen this window several times while riding the attraction, but never realized what was in that room until this day. I can't ride the attraction now without waving constantly at the window in hopes of finding someone in the room sipping their free soda and taking in the unique view.

While this view is incredible, there is a view on the other side of the lounge area that is even more impressive.

There we were standing with all of Epcot out in front of us. It was easily one of the greatest views of Epcot I have ever seen in person. All around you could see classic attractions like Ellen's Energy Adventure, Spaceship Earth, and even the Imagination pavilion off in the distance! My favorite part of the view was directly below me however:

Here you can watch cars go flying by at 65 miles per hour directly below your feet. That's a car flying past in the picture above! Throughout the lounge you could find pictures (like the one below) hanging upon the walls. They had one for every scene of the attraction where it would show you a picture of an actual test track in the world, concept art for the attraction, and the final product of the attraction! It was very surreal walking around and seeing how this attraction developed throughout time!

When we were finally ready to hop on our own Test Track ride, the woman at the welcome guest handed us our very special Fastpass:

The final highlight was being escorted to the attraction and passing right behind the seat belt check!

The trip through the lounge was truly a dream come true and it has brought upon a new item to check off:

Visit every VIP Lounge on Walt Disney World Property: Pending....


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