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Thursday Treasures

October 11, 2012

My visit to Carthay Circle Restaurant by Matt Myers

This week we are going to have a history lesson. A few weekends ago we went to Disneyland and had dinner at Carthay Circle Restaurant. The food was good.

The Carthay Circle is the same theater that Snow White debuted in 1937. Going into the Carthay Circle is a lounge where you can buy liquor and the menu here looks amazing! The food was good. You can order two appetizers and desert plus get reserved tickets for World of Color in the Wine Country side. The Carthay Circle has a middle section for picnic lunches. While inside you can get duck, wings, meats, lots of wine, bread, biscuits, and more!

Some of the cool things to look at in the pictures below are the nod to the third floor club, Club 1901. Also you will find some of the food. I recommend the Duck Fire Cracker, while the Shrimp was really good. It had a spice. My mom got the Grill Quill while my father got the Hallibut fish. The dessert was good too, but I can't remember it's name.

When you walk in the second floor there are rooms for the main dining room, but if you look the names they say Hyperion. That is for the Hyperion Studios which was the first studio Walt built back when Snow White came out. He used the money to build this studio that we have today. Buena Vista is another room which stands for Buena Vista Street which is the street that the Disney studios is on today, along with the main street at Disney California Adventure.

Overall, I really enjoyed Carthay Circle! You should try it on your next trip!


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