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Thursday Treasures

August 16, 2012

D23's Destination D by Matt Myers

This past weekend D23 held an event called Destination D. During the event we saw some amazing panels. The first day was check in day. We checked in at Disneyland hotel, which is where the event was taking place and by day one of the event, Saturday August 11th, I was in store for some amazing fun!

The first panel gave a history of Walt Disney's Nine Old Men. During the presentation they discussed how different animators approached making movies and it was great hearing some people who knew Walt Disney talk about him. They all pointed out that he preferred to be called Walt instead of Walt Disney.

The second session, Roy E. Disney and the second Golden Age of Animation was awesome! Roy Patrick Disney talked about his dad with a few other people who know Roy E. After dinner that night we got to watch Dick Van Dyke which was a great concert!

The second day of the event was about Snow White and how the film started the magic of the Disney animation. We were able to see some rare footage of the film which was really cool. The whole event was amazing and we even got to learn how to draw with some animators and hear from people like Bill Farmer (voice of Goofy) talk about what it's like to be the voice of an animated character!

Overall, the event was amazing and I loved it!


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