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Show Your Disney Side

July 24, 2014

Construction has been in full swing around the Hub at the Magic Kingdom, but this week even more characters have been added to the wall on the pathways to Adventureland and Tomorrowland.

First off, heading towards Adventureland from the Hub, guests can now find Timon and Pumbaa who have used several bugs (slimy, yet satisfying I'm sure) to spell out Show Your Disney Side. In addition to the words, some of the bugs have Hidden Mickeys on their backs!

Show Your Disney Side

Show Your Disney Side

On the Tomorrowland bridge, Stitch has painted over wanted signs for himself causing them to have characteristics for Captain Hook, Cruella DeVil, Maleficent, and Jafar!

Show Your Disney side Stitch

Stitch as Hook     Hook as Cruella DeVil

Stitch as Maleficent     Stitch as Jafar

While the construction does appear to be taking its time, it is nice to see the walls get some more personality!

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