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Who's Who? Wednesday

October 16, 2013

Lewis Robinson

Lewis Robinson

Lewis Robinson (who also goes by Cornelius Robinson) is the wonderful main character in the extremely underrated film 'Meet the Robinsons' which hit theaters in 2007. He can also be found in the video game, Meet the Robinsons. In other merchandise he can be found in toys, books, Disney art, clothing, and pins. I have also seen various other merchandise with him and other 'Meet the Robinsons' characters on it.

He lives in the Sixth Street Orphanage through most of the film, but eventually lives in Anderson Observatory. Lewis finds out that he ends up having a huge family which consists of members like Fritz, Bud, Petunia, Joe, Wilbur, Laszlo, Art, Franny, Lucille, Billie, Gaston, and Tallulah. Other people he can count on are Mildred, Lefty, Goob, Buster, Mr. Willerstein, and Carl. His enemies include Bowler Hat Guy, DOR-15, and the rest of the Disney villains.

Meet the Robinsons

Lewis is a very skinny boy with blue eyes and spiky blonde hair. His outfit consists of red shorts, a white shirt, a blue vest, white socks, spectacles, and black shoes. He is extremely intelligent, kind, but at times be can really lack self confidence. Lewis learns throughout the movie to always believe in yourself no matter what happens.

He was animated by Nik Ranieri. He was also voiced by a few different people in the film such as Jordan Fry, Daniel Hansen, and Tom Selleck.

Meet the Robinsons

Lewis can be found in Disney theme parks around the world as a meet and greet character on occasions in Disney California Adventure and Disney's Hollywood Studios. Over the years he has faded from the parks however and now is a rare find. This was such a great movie, I would love to see Disney create a show or an attraction based on the film.


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