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Who's Who? Wednesday

August 22, 2012

Princess Aurora

Aurora is the wonderfully portrayed lead character in the 1959 Walt Disney film, 'Sleeping Beauty.' She can be found in the films 'Mickey's House of Villains,' 'Disney Princess Enchanted Tales: Follow Your Dreams,' 'Mickey's Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse,' and she will be seen in the upcoming live action 'Maleficent' film starring Angelina Jolie. In television shows she can be found in 'House of Mouse,' 'Once Upon a Time,' 'A Poem is,' 'Mickey Mouse Works,' and in the upcoming series 'Sofia the First.' In video games she can be found in Kinect Disneyland Adventures, the Disney Princess series, and in the Kingdom Keepers series. She can also be found in other merchandise such as toys, books, clothing, and pins to name a few.

She has lived in a few different places such as Fairies' Cottage, and in King Stefan's castle which is her kingdom. She has many allies on her side such as her husband Prince Phillip, Samson, Flora, Stefan, Fauna, Leah, Merryweather, Hubert, and the rest of the Disney princesses. Her enemies include Diablo, and Maleficent who puts a spell on Aurora which will cause her to die on her 16th birthday by a spindle.

Aurora is a very skinny teenager with long curly blonde hair, blue eyes, and is tall. She wore a few outfits during the film with her princess outfit being her most well known. She wears a gold necklace, gold tiara, and a strapless dress that changes from pink and blue throughout the film due to the good fairies fighting over the color of the dress.

*FUN FACT* One of the animators inspiration for the character was Audrey Hepburn.

She was animated by Marc Davis. She has been voiced by a few different people over the years such as Jennifer Hale, Mary Costa, and Erin Torpey. In most polls Aurora is a top 10 Disney heroine.

Aurora can be found as meet and greet character in Disney parks around the world. She can also be found in Mickey's Soundsational Parade, Fantasmic, Walt Disney's Parade of Dreams, World of Color, A Christmas Fantasy Parade, Dream Along with Mickey, The Golden Mickeys, Mickey's Once Upon a Christmastime Parade, and Cinderella Castle Mystery Tour. She can also be found in versions of Disney on Ice, and also she can be found on the Disney Cruise ships.


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