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Who's Who? Wednesday

January 19, 2011


This Wednesday we will be talking about my favorite Disney princess, Belle. Belle was in the movies Beauty and the Beast, Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas, Belle's Tales of Friendship, Belle's Magical World, and a lot of people don't realize she made an appearance in Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame (see below, bottom right red circle). She has also been on television shows such as House of Mouse and Sing Me a Story with Belle. She was also one of the seven princesses of heart in the Kingdom Hearts series.

Belle lived in the French countryside with her father Maurice before falling in love with the Beast and moving into a beautiful castle. Her father was an inventor who people in the town thought was crazy. Gaston, the local hunk and catch according to all the women in town besides Belle, tries to win Belle's affection and marry  her to no avail.

Belle has many outfits between the films, television shows, and video games she has appeared in. The most common outfit is a blue and white dress with a white apron. She also has a stunning yellow gown that she wears at the end of Beauty and the Beast. Belle is believed to be between the ages of 18 and 25. She has beauty and brains which makes her the perfect catch for guys.

Belle was voice by Paige O'Hara in the movies and video games, while on House of Mouse she was voiced by Jodi Benson. Beauty and the Beast on Broadway has had a number of actress talents that have played Belle. Some notable ones include Susan Egan (voiced Meg in Hercules), Toni Braxton, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Christy Carlson Romano (voiced Kim Possible), Ashley Brown (who also played Mary Poppins on Broadway), and Anneliese Louise van der Pol (played Chelsea on That's So Raven).

Belle can be found at various locations around Disney World at different times throughout the day. She can be found at Cinderella's Royal Table (Magic Kingdom) for character dining, Akershus Royal Banquet Hall (Norway, Epcot) for character dining, and at the France Pavilion in Epcot for meet and greets. Occasionally she can be seen at the Magic of Animation building at Disney's Hollywood Studios as well. Story Time with Belle closed but will I have been told will be reopening with the Fantasyland Expansion. Also at Disney's Hollywood Studios, make sure to check out Beauty and the Beast - Live on Stage. It is a fantastic show that is fun for the whole family.


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