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October 19, 2011


Bernard is the lovable little mouse from Walt Disney's 'The Rescuers' and the sequel Walt Disney's 'The Rescuers Down Under.' He can also be seen in Disney's House of Mouse. I remember seeing him in various books (regular and coloring), stuffed animals, pins, games, and even had a Bernard hat and button while growing up. Since that time he has really fallen off the map and it is extremely rare to find him on anything.

Bernard is from New York City, where he lives with his wife Miss Bianca. He has many allies at his disposal such as Penny, The Rescue Aid Society, Rufus, Orville, Wilbur, Jake, Ellie Mae, Luke, Evinrude, and Cody just to name a few. His enemies include Madame Medusa, her beloved crocodiles Brutus and Nero, Mr. Snoops, Percival C. McLeach, and his pet, Joanna the Goanna.

Bernard is a very superstitious mouse which makes him very cautious, yet extremely brave when called upon. He deals with triskaidekaphobia, which means he is terrified with anything that includes the number 13. Bernard wears a brown cap and a red turtleneck sweater, but wears a few different outfits during the films

He is voiced by Bob Newhart in both films. Bob did a fantastic job of making you feel what Bernard was feeling. The Rescuers movies were based on a book called 'The Rescuers and Miss Bianca' written by Margery Sharp. In my opinion 'The Rescuers' and 'The Rescuers Down Under' are two extremely underrated movies which a lot of people have forgotten about, which is a shame.

Bernard used to be in the Disney theme parks quite often, but now it is extremely rare to find him or any other character from the Rescuers films in the parks. Bernard is a top ten character for me and will continue to be no matter what. He has many faults and continues to triumph in the end. If you haven't seen 'The Rescuers' and 'The Rescuers Down Under' I highly recommend both of these true Disney classics!


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