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Who's Who? Wednesday

August 5, 2015

Cory Matthews

Cory Matthews

Today's article I am going to go off the animated path and talk about a character from one of my favorite shows growing up, 'Boy Meets World.' Cory Matthews is one of the most complete characters that there has ever been on Television in my opinion. He can also be seen in the new hit Disney Channel show, 'Girl Meets World.' He can also be seen in other merchandise such as clothing, books, buttons, cell phone cases, picture frames, mugs, and DVDs.

He is from Philadelphia, PA in 'Boy Meets World' and lives in Manhattan, NY in 'Girl Meets World.' He is a history teacher at John Quincy Adams Middle School. Cory comes from a large family which includes his parents (Alan and Amy), brothers (Josh and Eric), sister (Morgan), wife (Topanga), daughter (Riley), and son (Auggie). Other people he can count on are his best friend Shawn, Mr. Feeny, Mr. Turner, Rachel McGuire, Angela Moore, Jack Hunter, Maya Hart, Farkle, Lucas Friar, and Stuart Minkus. His enemies were Frankie Stechino, Harley Keiner (Now he is friends with Cory after Cory got Harley the head janitor job at the middle school he teaches at), Joey Epstein, and Griff Hawkins.

Cory Matthews

Cory has curly brown hair and brown eyes. He is average height and average weight. In 'Boy Meets World' he wore normal kids clothing including his favorite sports teams jersey such as the Eagles, Flyers, Phillies, and 76ers. In 'Girl Meets World' you only really see him wearing his teaching outfits consisting of dress shirts, pants, dress shoes, a dress coat, and sometimes a tie. He is extremely kind hearted, funny, and cares deeply for his friends, family, and students that he teaches.

He has been played by Ben Savage since 'Boy Meets World' first aired back in 1993 through its ending in 2000. 'Girl Meets World' is currently in its second season.

Boy Meets World

Cory Matthews cannot be found in Disney parks around the world. I would have loved to have seen Disney do something more with this show in terms of a show or something in the theme parks, it really taught some great values to myself and I am sure to many other people around the world.


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