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Who's Who? Wednesday

September 11, 2013

Doctor Facilier

Doctor Facilier

Doctor Facilier is the evil villain from the 2009 Disney animated film 'Princess and the Frog.' He can also be seen in the video game, The Princess and the Frog and in other merchandise such as toys, books, pins, Disney art, and much more. I would love to see some television shows and other items based around him and other Disney villains.

He lives in New Orleans and is a power hungry tarot reader who is also involved with voodoo. His allies include Lawrence, the Shadow Demons, and the rest of the Disney villains. His enemies include Naveen, Louis, Tiana, Mama Odie, Ray, and Eli La Bouff. He is very rude, greedy, and is extremely mysterious.

Dr. Facilier pin

Facilier is a very tall, dark skinned man and is extremely skinny. He also has black hair and a pencil thin mustache. He wears a purple undershirt, purple and black tuxedo coat, and purple dress pants, a voodoo necklace, purple socks, and tuxedo shoes. He also wears a black top hat that has a skull and cross bone on it with a purple feather. He has a very nice cane with a purple orb on top of it.

He was animated by Bruce Smith and voiced by Keith David. Disney used Cab Calloway as a big inspiration when created the character that is Doctor Facilier.

Dr. Facilier

Doctor Facilier can be found in Disney theme parks around the world as a meet and greet character. He can also be seen in Disney's Maleficious Halloween Party, Fantasmic!, Tiana's Showboat Jubiliee, World of Color, Disney Villains Mix and Mingle, Mickey's Boo-to-You Halloween Parade, Mickey and his Magic Halloween Night, and Disney Dreams. He can also be seen on the Disney Cruise Line in the Midship Detective Agency, and Villains Tonight. Finally he can be seen in the Sorcerer's of the Magic Kingdom game in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.


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