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Who's Who? Wednesday

December 12, 2012


A look at Elliot from Pete's Dragon

Elliot is the very underrated character from the 1977 Walt Disney film 'Pete's Dragon.' He also made appearances on the television show 'House of Mouse.' In video games he can be found in Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two and there are references to him in Epic Mickey. In merchandise he can be found in things such as toys, clothes, pins, Disney Art, and books.

It is not known where Elliot is from, but in the film he spends time in Maine. He can count on Nora, Pete, Mushu, and Lampie. His enemies include Hoagie, Doc Terminus, and the Gogans. Elliot and Mushu are cousins.

A look at Elliot from Pete's Dragon

Elliot is a very large green dragon with dark spots on his body. He has pink hair, wings, tail tip, and scales on his spine. He is very friendly, caring, helpful, and extremely clumsy. Elliot helps children in need all over the world. Elliot can become invisible so people can't see him until he wants them to as well.

He was voiced by Charlie Callas, and his animators include Glen Keane, Randy Cartwright, Don Bluth, and John Pomeroy.

 Elliot from Pete's Dragon

Elliot can be found in Disney parks around the world but mainly in The Main Street Electrical Parade. He is also mentioned in Drawn to Animation featuring Mushu in The Magic of Disney Animation.


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