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Who's Who? Wednesday

November 14, 2012


Who's Who Fidget Great Mouse Detective 1

Back in 1986 Disney released one of their most underrated movies of all time, 'The Great Mouse Detective.' In this film there were so many wonderful characters, but one of my favorites was Fidget. He is a gray, peg legged bat with a chipped ear, a hurt wing, and very sharp teeth. He wears a blue sweater, a black hat, scarf, and one floppy gray shoe. He is very smart, greedy, and fun.

Fidget lives with Ratigan in his lair. He amazingly enough is one of the few Disney villains that ends up turning good. His enemies include Basil, Hiram Flaversham, Felicia, Dr. Dawson, Queen Mousetoria, and Olivia. His allies include Ratigan and the Sideshow Sea Beast. By the end of the film the roles are reversed between his enemies and allies.

Who's Who Fidget Great Mouse Detective 2

Fidget can also be found in the film 'Mickey's House of Villains.' He can be found in the television show 'House of Mouse,' while he also makes an appearance on the video game Basil The Great Mouse Detective which was on the Commodore 64 platform. He could also be found in other merchandise such as pins, toys, comic books, and coloring books.

He was designed by Glen Keane, and he was voiced by Candy Candio. Glen used 'Creeper,' the character from 'The Black Cauldron,' to give him ideas for Fidget.

Who's Who Fidget Great Mouse Detective

Fidget can't be found in Disney parks, I heard they planned on having a Great Mouse Detective attraction in the parks, but it never came to be.


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