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Who's Who? Wednesday

March 11, 2015

Howard the Duck

Howard the duck

Today's article was requested by Justin Smith. Today I will be talking about Howard the Duck, who can be found in the films "Howard the Duck" (voted one of the worst movies of all time, even though I enjoyed it) and "Guardians of the Galaxy." In television shows he can be found in "Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.," "Ultimate Spider-Man", and referenced in "Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel". He can be found in other merchandise such as toys, cups, bobble heads, clothing, and in comic books (the rebooted Marvel comic is set to hit the shelves March 11, 2015).

He is from the planet Duckworld, but has since made his home on Earth. Howard has many people he can count on such as Beverly Switzler, Jennifer Kale, Man-Thing, Spider-Man, Korrek the Barbarian, Phil Blumburtt, Dakimh the Enchanter, She-Hulk, the Defenders, and the rest of the good Marvel characters. His enemies include Thog, Spider-Ham, Ducktor Doom, Mister Chicken, Dr. Walter Jenning, Jackpot, Kidney Lady, Pinball Lizard, Captain Americana, Garko the Man-Frog, Grey Panther, and the rest of the evil Marvel villains.

Howard the Duck

Howard is a Master of Quack-Fu, his feathers vary between white and yellow depending on which comic book, TV show, or movie you are watching. In the 1986 Lucas Film version he was all over the board on outfits ranging from pajamas to a suit to a track jacket. In the comics he has pretty much always stayed the same by wearing a very sharp looking business suit with various ties, and a white undershirt.

*FUN FACT* Disney thought about suing Marvel for copyright infringement due to Howard's likeness to Donald Duck. The lawsuit never went through after Marvel redesigned Howard and put pants on him.

Howard the Duck

He has been voiced by a few people over the years such as Kevin Michael Richardson and Seth Green in his Guardians of the Galaxy cameo.

Howard the Duck can't be found in Disney parks around the world. I highly doubt we will ever see it happen due to the edgy content of his comic books. If there was ever a Marvel themed park or section of a park I could see them possibly doing some Howard references which would be a lot of fun to see.


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