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Who's Who? Wednesday

January 22, 2014

Li Shang

Li Shang

Shang can be seen in the 1998 Walt Disney film 'Mulan.' He can also be seen in the film 'Mulan 2.' In television shows he can be seen in 'A Poem Is.' and 'House of Mouse.' In video games he can be found in Mulan, the Kingdom Hearts series, and Mulan Story Studio. Finally in other merchandise he can be seen in toys, books, clothing, Disney art, and pins.

He makes his home in China where he is an Army captain for the Emperor. He has many friends he can count on in the time of need such as Mushu, Khan, Mulan, Yao, Little Brother, Cri-Kee, Chien Po, Ting-Ting, Ling Po, the Emperor, and the rest of the good Disney characters. His enemies include the Hun Army, Chi-Fu, Shan Yu, Xigbar, and the rest of the evil Disney villains.

Li Shang

Shang is very muscular and he has brown eyes and black hair. He wears a few outfits in the films, but his most common being his warrior uniform which consists of a red cape, grey cloth fabric, black armor to protect him in battle, and his trusty sword. Shang is very trustworthy, smart, and hot tempered. He also gets a promotion in the first film to General of the Imperial Army, which is a huge honor for him following in the footsteps of his late father, the great General Li.

He was animated by the animators Joe Haidar, Ruben A. Aquino, and Bill Waldman. He was also voiced by a few people such as BD Wong, and Donny Osmond.

*FUN FACT* Shang was voiced by Jackie Chan for a few different languages of the film.

Li Shang

Shang can be found in Disney theme parks around the world as a rare meet and greet character. He can also be found in The Golden Mickeys, It's A Small World (Hong Kong Disneyland), and Fantasmic! Finally he can be found in various Disney on Ice performances. He is a very underrated character and I would love to see him used more in the parks, actually the Mulan film as a whole was extremely underrated in my opinion.


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