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Who's Who? Wednesday

May 8, 2013

The Mandarin

The Mandarin

The Mandarin is the arch enemy of Iron Man. He can be seen in the new film 'Iron Man 3,' which as made 175.3 million dollars during the opening weekend (ranking it second behind 'The Avengers'). He has also appeared in the animated film 'The Invincible Iron Man.' He's been in the television shows 'Iron Man: Armored Adventures,' 'The Marvel Super Heroes,' and 'Iron Man.' He has also been in video games such as Marvel Pinball, Marvel:Ultimate Alliance, and Captain America and the Avengers. In other merchandise he can be found in toys, clothing, pins, keychains, artwork, comic books, and other collectables.

He is from China, and he has many allies he can count on such as Avatars, Swordsman, Ladykiller, Sandman, Masters of Evil, Power Man, Enchantress, and the Executioner. His enemies include Iron Man, Happy Hogan, Pepper Pots, The Avengers, Goliath, Shield, and the War Machine.

Tales of Suspense

The Mandarin has worn many different outfits over the years, but he can usually be seen in a very long robe which is usually green. He has long black hair, blue eyes, and is muscular. He also has rings on each of his fingers known as The Ten Rings of the Mandarin. His left hand includes the Ice Blast Ring, Flame Blast Ring, Mento Intensifier Ring, Electro Blast Ring/Lightning Ring, and the White Light Ring while his right hand includes the Vortex Beam Ring, Matter Rearranger Ring, Black Light Ring, Impact Beam Ring, and the Disintegration Beam Ring. Here is a more detailed pictures of his rings, and what there powers are.

The Mandarin's rings

He was created by Stan Lee, and Don Heck and he was played by Sir Ben Kingsley in Iron Man 3. He was brought into the Marvel Universe in 1964, in the comic book 'Tales of Suspense.'

The Mandarin can't be found in Disney parks at this time. In my opinion he ranks as one of the top comic book villains of all time. Hopefully he will be featured after Marvel is brought into the theme parks.


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