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Who's Who? Wednesday

July 4, 2012

Milo Thatch

Milo James Thatch is the lead character from the 2001 Walt Disney film 'Atlantis: The Lost Empire.' He can also be seen in the sequel 'Atlantis: Milo's Return.' He can also be seen in the television show 'House of Mouse.' He can be found in the video game Atlantis: The Lost Empire and other merchandise such as books, toys, computer games, and pins.

He grew up and lived in Washington D.C. until his first adventure took him to Atlantis and he never left. He ended up getting married to the princess of Atlantis Kidagakash Nedakh. He has many allies on his side such as his grandfather's best friend Preston B. Whitmore, Mole, Sweet, Audrey, Vinny, Cookie, Kashekim Nedakh, Obby, and Wilhelmina. His enemies include Rourke, Fenton Q. Harcourt, and Helga.

Milo is quite the nerd; he is extremely intelligent, friendly, and all around nice guy. He has a few different outfits in the film which include a cream colored long sleeve shirt, dress pants, dress shoes, a red bow tie and his glasses. He also wears his Atlantis tribal outfit, which is blue and has yellow accents on it. Finally he wore a cream colored sleeveless shirt, green pants, and brown boots.

He was animated by John Pomeroy, and he has been voiced by Michael J. Fox, and James Arnold Taylor. I know a lot of people don't like these movies, but I think they are extremely underrated. I love treasure hunting movies and they are really educational also.

Milo can't be seen in the theme parks anymore. After the first film he could have been found throughout the resorts as a meet and greet character.


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