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Who's Who? Wednesday

October 31, 2012

Wreck-It Ralph

Wreck-It Ralph is the lead character in the upcoming Walt Disney film 'Wreck-It Ralph.' He can also be found in the video games Fix-It Felix Jr., Wreck-It Ralph, and Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed. I really hope that Disney capitalizes on this franchise, I would love to see television shows, more films, and comic books that are based on the film.

He lives in a Dump in the land of Niceland in the game Fix-It Felix, Jr. During the film he visits a few other video games as he game jumps looking to become a hero. Ralph has a few allies he can count on such as his villain friends, some other video game characters, and Vanellope Von Schweetz. His enemies include Sour Bill, Cy-Bugs, and King Candy.

Ralph is extremely muscular and large. He wears brown overalls, with a orange and red plaid shirt with the sleeves ripped, he also wears a green undershirt. He has massive hands that he smashes things with and he also has extremely large feet. He also has red hair and a large nose.

He is voiced by John C. Reilly.

I had the opportunity to see the film last Wednesday because of the D23 screening across the country event. This film was so good it jumped to my number 3 favorite Disney film of all time behind Beauty and the Beast and Peter Pan. The storyline was so well done, and seeing the old video game characters brought me back to my childhood. Keep an eye out for some hidden gems in the film, video game lovers will notice a few which put a smile on my face.

Ralph can be seen in Disney parks around the world, Disney stated in November but they have already been seen in the parks. He can be found with Vanellope, who was my favorite character in the film. I believe Wreck-It Ralph would make for a great attraction; hopefully one day we will see it happen.


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