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Wreck-It Ralph Review


Today I had the chance to preview the newest Disney film, Wreck-It Ralph. The film follows the story of the video game Fix It Felix Jr.'s villain, Wreck-It Ralph in his pursuit of figuring out if being a bad guy in a video game truly makes you a bad guy.

The story is extremely well thought out beginning 30 years in the past when Fix It Felix Jr. first joins a video arcade. It's the hit of the arcade, but as time passes, a new generation of games joins the arcade, which ultimately causes other games to disappear. When these old video games get unplugged the characters end up in the Surge Protector, known as Game Central Station. This section is also the transportation center hub for video game characters to enter and leave other games (only after the store is closed of course).

On the 30th anniversary of Fix-It Felix Jr. Ralph finally takes up the offer from other villains to attend a Bad-annon meeting. While here he reveals to the others that he no longer wants to be the bad game. He approaches Fix-It Felix and the other members of Niceville, the location of the video game, trying to show them that even though he is the villain in the game does not mean they can't hang out after the game is done. Naturally everyone is scared and forces him to leave, but not without sharing with Ralph the most important plotline of all: if he could earn a medal, then they would give him the penthouse, however, no one ever hands the villain a medal.

Ralph decides the best thing to do is jump games in search of the medal to show that he truly can be a good guy even though he is bad.

Wreck-It Ralph is a hilarious, adventurous, but overall touching film. As we travel through the different games like Hero's Duty (no, not that kind of doody), and Sugar Rush we get characters that have had amazing back stories programmed into them which both help, and hurt, Ralph on his quest.

The character development is exceptional, the worlds they travel to are amazing, and the overall plotline is great. While it doesn't necessarily match Tangled, it does show that Disney is back on track to dishing out stand out films with great storylines. This film is a must sea for the entire family and believe me, I'll be back in the theater on November 2nd to see it all over again!



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